Blockchain Solutions Development

A place of technical excellence and innovations. Blockchain-based solutions and metaverse projects that are 100% compatible with your business goals.


Services To Order

With our blockchain solutions, you’d be able to develop a full-scale blockchain platform or implement metaverse technology into your application.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Our analysts conduct deep research and analysis to provide you with blockchain for business solutions and empathize your company’s fortes with the metaverse.

Smart Contracts Development

We’re experienced in secure and seamless EVM-based smart contract development. If you’re in need of a reliable blockchain for business, this service fits the best.

Non-Fungible Tokens

As a part of our blockchain services, we can create an NFT collection. Take a step that brings your business blockchain for enterprise benefits.

Decentralized Exchange Platforms

OpenGeeksLab can create a simple interface along with an intuitive design for your users that would help them get accustomed to public blockchains faster.

Cryptocurrency Wallets Development

Cryptocurrency wallets blockchain applications development is one of our fortes. Explore the benefit of a blockchain to make more transparent, secure, and fastened transactions.

Initial Coin Offering

We can get you through all the stages of the ICO development and launch process—from ICO planning and analysis to post-ICO services.



As a metaverse-based development company, we can create marketplaces
for metaverses, monetize your project, integrate one metaverse into another,
or develop a small application like Stepn.

Regarding the metaverse ecosystem, we’re still growing our opportunities
but see a potential to improve business with this technology.


Smart Contract Development

Try our specialists in action with smart contracts development so that all actions in your metaverse solution are aligned with predetermined rules.


Front-End Development

The front-end components to create an immersive world with the metaverse application for a frictionless user experience.


Back-End Development

All the logic and principle of the operation are embedded in the back-end components as they are what makes the metaverse environment interactive.



Our top-notch technologies and the honed skills of our specialists are aimed at the most time-efficient EVM-based blockchain development.


Case Studies

Want to see our team in action?
Check the blockchain platform and other project case studies!


A Blockchain-Based Project Pool

Solutions provided: ICO, crypto wallet, browser extension, tokens price predictions, marketplace, NFTs, crypto lottery, DEX..


A DApp On Ethereum

Ethereum-based DApp that allows people to calculate the price of an NFT token they chose and buy it later.


Axent Merch

A DApp for creating NFT merch that blurs out the line between fashion and blockchain technology.


Benefits For Your Business

Blockchain can do a lot for your business, making it more innovative and efficient; that’s why the technology is widely adopted by companies of all sizes.

Continuous Data Updates

Blockchain-based solutions allow tracking document changes, providing businesses with more accurate intel. It is especially important for data-dependent software solutions.

Upgraded Safety

Blockchain-based solutions can help you secure your sensitive data and allow you to build a safer network via escrow.

Improved Risk Assessment

Blockchain technology can make work processes more agile as well as transparent, giving you improved risk mitigation.

Asset Tokenization

With a high-quality decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), each owner has a share and gets it as soon as each token is sold.

Internal Currency

Monetize your app and use a pay-to-earn feature that is rightfully considered highly efficient in terms of attracting new customers and making your blockchain platform more engaging.

Virtual Events

Metaverse technology allows going to meetings even with people who aren’t able to physically attend them or are miles away from your team.

New Forms Of Advertising

Metaverse technology opens up new possibilities for interactive advertising. Attract more customers, as well as make every ad ten times more engaging with OpenGeeksLab.


Engagement Models

Our three main engagement models bring flexibility to the process and allow customers to adjust the development to their needs and budget.

Fixed price

Calculate your budget for the project, and we will adjust the development to your finances.

Time and material

A perfect model for flexibility if you’re ready to change something during the work process. Pay only for resources needed to create the software.

Staff Augmentation

If you have a team of your own and want to pump it up, you can hire some of our specialists to work for you on our behalf.

Awards and Recognition


Customer’s Reviews

OpenGeeksLab’s satisfaction rate is 98%.
Check our customers’ testimonials to see exactly why.


Laine Kelly

Owner and Creative Director at Tie Dye Ninjas

Working with OpenGeeksLab has been such a delight. The level of effectiveness in each stage of developing the technical and creative side of bringing Tie Dye Ninjas vision to life has been outstanding!

Vlad was our project manager and we can’t speak more highly about him. He is very thorough and ensured an organized and effective production plan. I would definitely work along side Vlad and the entire OGL team again! Highly recommend OpenGeeksLab for any of your business development needs!


Aarthur Sheidt

Founder and CEO at N/A

OpenGeeksLab guided us through the entire development process with attentiveness and clear communication. The efficiency of their workflow allowed us to achieve fast and measurable deliverables.


Emmanuel Amuzie

Founder and CEO at N/A

I had a rewarding experience working with OpenGeeksLab. They are a professional group of talents who paid attention to every detail of my project. I will team up with them again in the future.


Chris Silveira

General Manager at N/A

We needed a redesigned website and a mobile app for medical education consultancy services. That's why we reached out to OpenGeeksLab to assist with the transformation. Highly thorough and meticulous in its project management, the agency impressed us with on-time deliverables and dedication to the project's


Richard Wistow

N/A at N/A

OpenGeeksLab’s deep knowledge of software development and their skill in managing the project inspire trust. Their team is professional and self-motivated.


Sarthak Patnaik

N/A at N/A

Big thank you, my team. I had a demo with the client. They are happy with the progress we have made so far. I’m fortunate that such professionals are working on my project.


Trond Bjorøy

N/A at N/A

I am impressed with the team and recommend them as a reputable service provider. I was confident in the evident success of my final product at the very beginning of the cooperation.


Nathalie Feldman

N/A at N/A

I am going to work with you further on the projects and have already recommended you to my colleagues. And I took 1st place at the scientific conference thanks to your help with the project, so finding an investor is coming.


Roy Baladi

Senior Product Manager at N/A

I hired the agency to build a telemedicine app. OpenGeeksLab asked thoughtful questions, was mindful of details, and was flexible in its approach. I expect a long-term partnership with this organization.


Oleksandr Shypylenko

N/A at N/A

OpenGeeksLab was completely immersed in the project. The company offered the golden mean between price and quality. When we had any questions, we could get in touch anytime with their 24/7 customer support.


Henry Waterfall-Allen

N/A at N/A

The projects are going well. I’m thrilled with the teams working on them. We got some tight deadlines to meet, which was a bit of concern, but I can’t blame the team; very knowledgeable and experienced. I plan to involve you in future dev projects, for sure.


Jeremy Jones, RN

Chief Technology Officer at N/A

OpenGeeksLab works hard to create your vision! They met all of their deadlines and delivered a product that was better than I had originally planned. I’m impressed by their high quality of work, and we will continue to work with them in the future!


Vera Danchenko

Product Project Manager at N/A

I am the Product Manager at a company that specializes in providing white-label robo-advisory solutions for B2B to help them with financial planning for end-users. This is the third project we are working on with OpenGeeksLab. The team works transparently, within estimates and deadlines.



How expensive is blockchain or metaverse development?

There is no telling how expensive your blockchain and metaverse development project could be until you come in contact with us. We can consult you about what features you need and estimate the cost of services. However, there are a number of things that could make the development more cost-effective. For example, the fixed price development model takes your finances into consideration and prioritizes them.

How long does the blockchain development process take?

Any custom software development is a lengthy process, but we always try to make it more time-efficient. It depends on what you want from your app and how the approval went. If the prototype was created and all issues were covered during the process, the development would be more time-effective.

Can you help me figure out what I need?

Our team can consult you on what is a must in your application and what can be added later. We also can consult you on what is needed in your blockchain or metaverse case. OpenGeeksLab is open to any of your questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

What can metaverse do for my business?

First of all, the metaverse can be implemented in different industries, from gaming to education, so there is an endless possibility to monetize it. The technology allows you to showcase your products, giving users a more vivid and practical view of what you’re selling. Aside from this, you’d also have a chance to make transactions even easier by combining it with blockchain, as these technologies go hand in hand, collaborating so well together. Creating your own digital world needs digital currency, so this will also contribute to the monetization of an app.

What can blockchain do for my business?

A smoother way to run data and financial transactions, making them more simple and more comfortable, this technology also contributed to risk mitigation as it is safer. Aside from this, blockchain also monetizes your application or business in different ways, from creating your own digital currency to making an equity share. You will have an opportunity to leverage your new competitive edge, profiting from the countless blockchain benefits that include but are not limited to eliminating the need for third parties in fintech solutions, securing the data, easing informational tracking, and of course, automating the whole workflow nullifying the risks associated with human-made mistakes.