We love experimenting and combining things that don’t seem compatible at first; so an NFT clothing marketplace concept was born. While thinking about who might use this Ethereum blockchain DApp, we decided that such a platform is perfect for designers or artists. They can create a print for a T-shirt or a hoodie, sell it as a token, and then either resell it or transform it into merchandise.

Eventually, nowadays blockchain is adopted by companies all around the world and it makes them more transparent, fast, profitable. We applied this technology in a different and unusual industry and it was challenging for our team, but AxentMerch struck us as a fresh and unconventional idea. Nothing proves the effectiveness of blockchain better than this website. Read along to learn what we’ve achieved!


Problem We Solved

OpenGeeksLab wanted more than just to show off our skills with this NFT merch application. Our main goal was to help people realize that cryptocurrency, blockchain, and innovative technologies, in general, are improving almost any field. So, we created NFT clothing, not a fintech, logistics, or another typical platform with this intention.



For-Profits NFT Clothing App

We used this object-oriented language to ensure that a smart contract for this project will be implemented on Ethereum. Solidity NFT smart contracts development enables for delivery of secure, fast, plus high-quality solutions.

SolidityDevelopment For EthereumBlockchain Solution

In this project, our main goal was to build an easy-to-use interface and smart contract on Solidity solely as a demo version of our skills. NFT collection smart contracts allow any potential customer to trade tokens in any marketplace they’d like.

Fast Development

OpenGeeksLab wrapped up this NFT merch application’s development in a relatively short time. Our team did their best to complete the project in just three weeks; OpenGeeksLab’s blockchain developer enabled website functionality in about 16 hours.

More Opportunities To Use Ethereum Blockchain

While creating this NFT merch project, we came up with lots of ideas regarding its possible use cases. AxentMerch can do more than generate an extra channel of profits for artists; it proves that creating an NFT collection is extremely beneficial for brands and other business domains.

Tokens Or T-shirts

The decentralized solution for clothes allows users to choose how they want to redeem their tokens. They can either get an NFT digital clothing with token’s image printed on it and receive it as a physical item or keep collected NFTs to sell or redeem later. Both of these actions are performed on the AxentMerch website. If users decide to mint a smart contract, they can’t get an NFT digital clothing sent to them; this way, each token is redeemed only once.


We Can Do More

This NFT merch project was created only to demonstrate our hard skills. However, we know that there is a lot of space for scaling and improving this project. Minting NFT smart contracts is extremely profitable, and for everyone who sees the opportunities and has a similar idea, it can change the game. Meanwhile, an NFT clothing brand is only one of the possible ways to use it.

Our team is fully capable of providing you with the top tech stack and experts to handle it. OpenGeeksLab creates various blockchain-powered software solutions, and this experimental NFT for clothing is a wonderful demonstration of our capabilities.


Tech Stack

For this NFT for clothing, we used Solidity NFT smart contract and other top technologies to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience. With the technical solutions we chose, NFT merch app development was faster and easier.



OpenGeeksLab engaged a relatively small team to work on this NFT digital clothing app. And it proves greatly that it’s not the number of people but their qualifications that make the software great.

Specialists engaged in NFT for fashion development:

Project manager
Front-end developer
UI/UX designer
Blockchain developer

For a full-fledged project, we’ll use a bigger team on request.


Project That Can Make Fatten Up Ethereum Wallet

This demo is merely an example of our work, and we’re seeking out an opportunity to create something groundbreaking.

There are many more examples of where and how blockchain technology is applied. Possibilities are endless, and we’re truly inspired by the blockchain, waiting for the opportunity to implement inventive ideas into the software.

OpenGeeksLab actively evolves, so we search the web to find the most interesting trends in the industry and find the best options to help our customers succeed.

If your idea is the one, contact us, and let’s skyrocket your success together!


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